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Fully Licensed Mobile Car Air Conditioning Servicing

We are fully qualified and licensed to carry out mobile air conditioning servicing and repairs to your vehicle. If you think your car’s aircon is not performing correctly your car will suddenly be a very uncomfortable place to be during the summer. We can fix the most common problems quickly and easily due to our experience in this area.

Ozone Friendly Re-Gassing

We only use ozone-friendly and approved techniques to refill the refrigerant that cools your air. We only use fluorocarbon refrigerant which is approved (since 1995) so don’t trust your air conditioning to any unlicensed mechanics.

Bad Smell in Your Car?

Often over time, fungus and bacteria can build up inside your car’s aircon system, especially if it’s been in storage, somewhere damp or has a loose hose or pipe somewhere where fungus can get in. Once inside the system, every time you use the car’s aircon you’ll get a bad smell which can lead to ear, nose and throat infections in some cases.

We can treat your car’s evaporator and have your car smelling clean again in no time. This will usually do the trick but in some severe cases you may need more than one treatment to completely cure the problem.

Aircon Just Not Cold Enough or Not Working At All?

We can fix all car air conditioning problems and most of the time quite quickly. Car air condition systems are prone to wear and tear over time, need re-gassing and a knock or micro accident can lead to hoses becoming dislodged, all of this can drastically affect how your aircon performs. We can find most problems very quickly and have you back to being cool in no time.